Devotion: A Movie about the first Black Aviator to complete the U.S. Navy Flight Training

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures

Actors Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell play Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner—real-life Korean War heroes in the film Devotion, based on a book written by Adam Makos. 

Devotion is a depiction of bravery, unlikely friendship, and brotherly love. This heartfelt story captures the U.S. Navy’s early attempts at integration. The cinematography was terrific, capturing the landscape of on-ground battle and the use of fighter pilots in warfare.

Writers Jake Crane & Jonathan A. H. Stewart did an exceptional job capturing the devout nature of Jesse Brown, the first Black U.S. Navy fighter pilot—highlighting his unwavering love for his wife and daughter, illustrating his moral excellence amid the racial tension he faced while serving. 

The most impressive scene of Johnathon Majors is him heaping insults on himself in the mirror as a reminder of the abuse he faced throughout his aviation journey—giving him the adrenaline he needs to enter the war. The tears and grim facial expressions draw you into the trauma and pain of oppression and racism. 

Wingman, Tom Hudner, played by Glen Powell, captures the internal dismantling of prejudice and transformational journey towards acceptance and ultimately respect, honor, and love for a Black man. Glen Powell gives a tear-jerking performance toward the movie’s end, climaxing the story line. 

While there is minimal talk about God in the film, it exemplifies faith, courage, and love. Jesse’s wife, Daisy, played by Christina Jackson, embodied her support and admiration for her husband. The cross necklace she wore illustrates her reliance on God and hope that her husband would always return home. 

From a theological standpoint, I believe Jesse Brown exemplified what it meant to be an image-bearer of God. His fierce commitment to aviation, gentle nature towards his daughter, and unconditional love for his wife reflect God’s heart. 

Lastly, I believe Devotion is a great historical film, and everyone should watch it to learn and witness what battle was like during the Korean War. Exclusively in U.S. movie theaters Wednesday, November 23rd


4 responses to “Devotion: A Movie about the first Black Aviator to complete the U.S. Navy Flight Training”

  1. Amazing movie review!!! Your insight and attention to detail is absolutely remarkable. I’m not even interested in movies like this, but after reading your review I want to see it.


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