Praise This Movie Review

PRAISE THIS, starring Chloe Bailey, gospel music singers Jekalyn Carr, and Koryn Hawthorne with many more, is an instant classic. Director and Writer Tina Gordon do a great job putting all the feel-good moments—in the right places—to make you love it. 

(from left) Aaron (Druski), KiKi (Jekayln Carr), Jackie (Kiara Iman), Jess (Anjelika Washington), Jermaine (Ilario Grant) and Sam (Chloe Bailey) in Praise This, directed by Tina Gordon.

If you loved any of the Sister Act, Drumline, or Pitch Perfect films—you’re going to love Praise This. Chloe Bailey plays Sam, an aspiring singer who is struggling with the death of her mother and is at odds with her father. Chloe brings the right attitude and talent to this role making the storyline believable and entertaining. She is supported throughout the film by her cousin, Jess, who Anjelika Washington plays. Anjelika brings charm and humor to the film, making it relatable and funny. 

As I watched this film, I thought about their messages. Writers Tina Gordon, Brandon Broussard, Hudson Obayuwana, and Jana Savage cast a new vision of what Gospel music is and what the church should be to reach a new generation. 

From a theological standpoint, it condemned religious egotism and highlighted unorthodox and nonjudgmental leadership within the Christian church. Actor Tristan Wilds plays Pastor Nick “PG” Goodman, a young—more cultured pastor who restored a warehouse and made it a church. PG exemplifies the newer generation pastor. Actor Michael Anthony plays Bishop Headley, a more traditional pastor with old-fashioned views. 

The writers are sending a message while telling a good story. They are communicating a more unified narrative between culture and Christianity. They show viewers what it looks like for Christians to impact secular culture and how culture impacts Christianity—without condemning it. I believe they are saying—God is in it all! They managed to do this while keeping it lighthearted and enjoyable for all ages. 

Praise This will be launching on Peacock on April 7, 2023! You don’t want to miss it. 


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